Monthly keys – Formula for happiness = boundary setting + starving your pain body



The number of March is 3 and the number of the year according to new time numeorology is 9.

9 + 3 = 12 = 1+2 = 3. I will share now the keys for the month of March in this tune. The keys will be juicy and spicy and enough for 3 weeks around 3500 words!

In this cocktail we will talk about how to activate your life mission, how to activate the new time energy love energies, how to set boundaries, good words as weapons, and how bad people can be turned into gifts in your life and more! Read and share!

Number three – old time love energy carrier

This month has the number three two times. This is the love which puts all the others to the first place and yourself to the last place. In the new flow and new energies it is not a very sustainable way to act any more.

The energies guide us now to put ourselves first, which does not mean that this is done egoistically, but friendly through setting boundaries.


I have said repeatedly, that setting boundaries is the number one key to your happiness in the new time.

If you do that right away, when the needs rise, then the surrounding environment with everything and everyone and everything connected to it, will honour it. This makes your life so many times easier and  makes you to behave more consciously both with energies and resources – does not matter if that would be time, money or something else.

Clearing the old and setting up the new ‘spirit mission’ platform

The main number of the year is 9, which is the number carrying the fire element in it. It will burn away the old you do not need any more.

As I have said repeatedly, if we do not clean our garbage away, we will have the new time chimney sweeper coming in and doing it. It would not be that pleasant  as when you would do it yourself. The chimney sweeper can be a bit abrupt. 

I have noticed that since the beginning of this year my own parts from my different talents have put their heads out as from the caves, where I have put them during the last years – from writing, public speaking, painting, poems, making movies etc.

Here we talk about everything connected to ‘dharma’ – our life’s mission here on this planet. We are all unique and we all have something special to give to this planet. This is hidden inside and we need to explore this ourselves as well the others around us, who would help us to to find those and grow from the seed to the fruits.

Setting boundaries, when you choose to say yes and no according whether its supporting your main mission on this planet or not and especially when it is done without the fear and based on your intuition, this will be your main trump-card.

When you set your foot down, then the universe will test you about it – how serious are you about it? 

I have kept my Wantra activities under a low key here in Mexico as my immigration papers are still in the process. I am going to get them very soon and  I am promoting myself bigger.


Yesterday something interesting happened. I set up my table for Wantra promotion for the event here at Octopus’s Garden like an hour before the beginning. I came back one hour later and the table was gone. I could not believe it. Did someone steal it? I looked around and noticed my cloth hanging underneath another table cloth. I checked it out.

So the person who was setting up a table for the entrance just took my table, without asking me and covered it up with his stuff. It is not very polite and very rude to do that, but instead of letting this to interrupt me I with my Estonian mentality went upstairs and brought another table on my back for this gentleman.

But this was a time for me to ask – am I really ready to get it out to the world yet and what would you do when it gets covered up? 


Wayland’s water session

In the evening time I presented a small video clip about Wayland’s swimming classes and Wantra work from last year and how that has helped him (you tube video needs a new music track). There were around 100 people and I shared with joy my story in the community. The movie was received well and some came to ask more info about it and pat me on the shoulder saying – well done. 

Trusting on every level is the key which comes up this month a lot. Trusting yourself, trusting others and trusting life.


Wantra in Mexico

The same morning I had a beautiful Wantra session in the warm pool and worked with a very nice woman. The depth and the change of energies what happens with one person is really beautiful, especially when the person completely lets go, is in the present and trusts. We went sailing a day before with her brother. She said that really helped her to relax and fully trust me. 

Resistance is another topic which comes up this month a lot.

 Who or what do you resist in your life and why?

What is the change you could go with, which would bring you the best joy and peace?


I was also very lucky to do a Wantra session to a woman who has done similar water classes in Hawaii. I do not remember very clearly a time during the recent years where I could fully play with someone in the water who would completely let go and enjoy it and have zero resistance. This woman’s joints were like ‘spaghettis’ and she was a true mermaid. She could be under water for minutes at the time and her whole body shined of joy and I did not know what to do. It was so fun to feel like a little kid in the big sand box, not knowing what kind of toys to choose as there were too many. Amazing energy!

What was the best with that energy was that she fully received and enjoyed it, by being fully present and this empowered the energy of Wantra, as well the power of me as a woman, as I had used one of my main talents during the last hour.


Women who sail in Mexico

This is the next key – to do what you love and do it so that it would be done in the right place, with right people and so it will be well received, not thrown as pearls in front of the pigs. This is a very important additional detail. 

Let go of your ego by surrendering to your higher mission

For our ‘dharma’ to fully function, we need to let go of our ego completely, so that you are aware at all times and listen to your messages and signs where to move next.

We can not accomplish our goals just the old way – setting it and working towards it. In the new energy it is more like a video game – where you need to go through different levels and tasks, to get to the new level. Some of the stuff feels at times almost like a sidetrack, but it is necessary to be done or experienced, even when you do not see the whole picture yet. It is very important to walk the way your heart guides you strongly. 

NYC barsitting

Number one – activation of your independence

Everyone should look what and how they could choose and do, so that they would be strongly on their platform and that the practical stuff would be rooted into your own platform and would not depend on the outer circumstances or people that much. This will most probably activate the topic of self honesty as well.

When I look back into the year of 2014, where I completely lost my own platform, then all of that I managed to rebuild because of my self honesty and conscious choices.

The main keys in this case has been the right people, places and timing as well commitments with myself as well the agreements, which have supported that transformation.


This has helped me to rearrange my whole life. Today I can say that no one can throw me out, or command me to do something I do not like. I do not have any violence, no verbal, emotional or physical – as I am not violent against myself. I am caring, loving and conscious. I do everything better today than yesterday.

Thanks to this I live now my life in the tropics during the winter time and do my online work from here as a bit of local work and I have pulled a new relation to my life, where I have lots of care, love and being real. My life is simple, juicy and rich. I have created the life and circumstances which work for me  and make me happy.


Transforming the magnets of women

This topic brings me to this – we need to clean ourselves from the inside and very properly as women. Women work like magnets, we pull people to our orbits. In order to change the quality of the matter on our orbit, we need to do the inner inventory.

Because when we have the inner connections from the old patterns, which we consciously or unconsciously feed with the food it needs, we will continuously attract people and situations which are negative, abusive and violent.

The men can not change before the women do. When the woman is putting her foot down  when the man is rising his voice or just walks away (as she is strong on her platform and she can do it) then the man can not feed that pattern any more and he has no one to fight with either.

This is the way how the whole victim born imperium will fall apart. 

Through this the woman can also start to work on her independence platform. It helps if the woman is aware of the inner male energies and has it in place before meeting the new male partner. It creates so much more balance for the new relation as well.

We can not just hang on to men – like they would be the only source for happiness, money and success any more. Times have changed and it does not work that way any more. Not in the long run. Those who have figured that out – have successful relationships. Then they are together like two people, who are both unique, but at the same time fulfil their life mission both separately and together.

When the woman sets boundaries both at home and at work, the whole universe around her will rearrange itself in a new way.

All of them who are used to the old ways to manipulate with that woman would not love that change. I have seen that many times during the last years, where I have done Auratransformation to some women. Some weeks later I get an angry call from their partners. Why did I mess up their partner? I did not, the energies did – making the woman to stand up for herself. Only to get another call a bit later, where that same person is actually grateful, as they divorced and he got a new partner, who works much better than the previous one. This does not happen each time of course, but quite often.

ARR sign

Now it is the time for women to sit down and write their own love declaration.

I wrote that in April, last year and have followed it line by line. This has changed my whole life – my relations, my sexuality, my health, my life mission, my abundance and money.

But to only have the declaration does not work, you need to follow it through too. 

I would bring an example how I continuously brought married people into my life, who wished to have a relation with me. This meant to be a secret relation. When you say yes to something like that, you start to divorce yourself from yourself. This would not get you too far in the longer run. Most people who are unhappily married, would not usually work with their marriage, but look outside. 

When I put my foot down in that section, so many things changed – as relationships are one of the main cornerstones to our main platform to feel happy. 

I just recently checked out one Ted talk about a long scientific happiness study, where the result was that the most happiest were the people having functioning love relationships or well functioning social networks.

Starve your pain body to death!

In relation to the drama in relationships, it is important to know that our pain body as Tolle calls it – needs drama to be fed and to survive. In this world we have many people who are givers, but many also who are takers.

For example. Last week I had an experience as someone in the community who is mostly a taker came and vituperated me. It took me out of my centre and right after that she put her energy cords into my system to feed herself. This awakened my dormant pain body and it was like up to its feet like a person and started to talk monologue in my head. I started to clear all that and send it back to her and asked the leftovers of the pain body to collect themselves and go to where the came from. 30 minutes later I was back in balance. 

I am grateful to her as this was a reminder for me how to take care of my energies, but it is so clear to me now that this is a taker and her energies get amplified through the negative. I am very careful about her and neutral.

This would never be too bad to do that and what would I need to be more conscious of the next time that happens and what do I need to get my warnings in earlier and listen and act accordingly?

If you do not rebel and swim in the negativity, there will be no drama. 

Dramas will be born from the conflictual energies, where the opposite parts will get against each other and sometimes these are tests for the pain body, if it is still alive.


Kayaking balances your mind, body and spirit

Home assignment 

So your home assignment this month will be to make a list of your love declaration (what would you promise you do to take care of you and love you) and print it out, sign it for at least a year and commit to it. Just having it would not work, you have to follow through. 

Promise to be more careful and conscious with your human relations.

Women – before you go to bed with a man, get to know him better. 

If you would like to know how he takes care of the women in his life, see how his car looks like, go and visit his office and see how that looks like as well his surroundings, garage.

Can you trust him and count on him? Is he honest and caring and polite?

All of the external shows how and if he takes care of the inner feminine energies as well the external. 

If you are a conscious woman and he does not even know what you are talking about, are you in the right place then?

There is nothing more enjoyable than to be with a person who can fully receive you and what you have to offer. We are all hungry for that. 

wantrawomandanceI tell from my own experience that everything what is really hard from the beginning, will not go easier, but more difficult. Everything what is easy from the beginning, usually gets easier and better in time. What is your choice?

Number two this month

Two – to be one with another one at the same time – this is where the energies of me and we start to dance.

The ‘me’ energy is to stand up for yourself and set boundaries. ‘We’ energy is cooperation and co-creation.

To bridge these two parts – we need courage. Courage to be who you are even when you are with others  and not to lose yourself, but to discover more of you. 

In the new energy the number two is carrying lots of old time material energy and also fear. 

It is a good time to check if fear in your life is still a visitor or a permanent resident and where is it your life is fully built on the material stuff. 


It is also good to notice how we talk about money, as this is how it comes to our life. When we are not friends with money, then it does not like to be with us for a long time. This is why we should also look, what can we rearrange so that our money would have a nice nest or homes where it would like to come (like beautiful wallets) and how to handle it with respect.

Good words from others can kill your self pity

In most cultures we grow up with negative feedback and it is our everyday companion. But what would happen if you would say that something beautiful you see in another and give feedback to that? What would happen to you?  

Gratitude for those who have been ‘bad’ in your life

When I did a little overview of the ‘bad’ people in my life. I wrote down every person I thought did wrong to me. I wrote behind it how it actually changed my life. It was fascinating to see that all of these people were actually gifts for me and my life in the longer run.

I will bring couple of examples. I broke up with my partner, the father of my son in 1999. I thought first it is the end of the world and was very angry at my partner, who found a new partner, who was 19 years old at the time, while I was 21 and our son was 2,5 years old. It took me 5 years to realise that it was the biggest gift. Otherwise I would have completely deteriorated in this little town and would not be today who I am. 

Without this I would not have gone to two universities and had many adventures, experiences and I would not work with the book now, which would help many women in the world, I would not have had the new relation, which satisfies and gives me joy in every level. The journey towards it was long and rich, but now  i am so much more who I am. 

organic stretching

In 2013 December I finished my 6 months training with Pat Henry and her Organic Stretching Teacher’s training program in Mexico. Cooperation, which had seeds for global expansion, fell apart and the way it happened was not nice. I was angry at her and felt disgusted for many years.

This year  I started to look at it – I discovered that wow – thanks to that I have worked and focused on developing Wantra more and the spirit guided me to her, so I could get that knowledge and integrate it into my modality. I am now much more happier and freer as I work with my own module. 

I started to see a gift in her existence in my life. As we live in the same community, we happen to be in the same space many times. I manage to say hello again.

This is a pointless waste of energy. When we keep that anger towards someone, especially when we think that things are not going our way. But actually the spirit knows it all and has put it together in such a way that it will serve our higher purpose. 

Check out more info about the Hawaiian Hooponopono technique here. 

Bonus home assignment

This is from my Alanon work – if you are getting very angry, then start to write down the gratitude list about your life in the alphabetical order. See what happens!



I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am a crystal who cleans her facets – polishing these and clearing as well dusting off. I share publicly my adventures during this journey both inside of me and outside of me. Every time one facet gets clean, more sun can shine through it and create new abundance rainbows for me and others. What a gift it is to be here on this planet right now?


I will stay in Puerto Vallarta area Mexico till beginning of June. If you would like to have a skype coaching sessions or have private sessions in person here, let me know. Check my services here. 

000 NYC sunsetparkviewIn June I will be in Ketchikan as well in Fairbanks, Alaska. I will also spend one week in NYC. After that I spend 3 months in Europe and mostly in Estonia again. Please let me know if you are in any of these areas and would love to receive my magic and my gifts or help me to set up events and adventures with me here.

In November I do a Hawaiian retreat. Read more about it here.

Thank you for supporting my blog and me. Every story you share, will uplift this planet and rises the energy of this planet and help every person to be supported in their new beginning. 

Share your thoughts with me of what you read here. Have a nice happy month!


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