Keys to your talents and Life Missions


One of the most popular questions beside the question about how to increase your abundance is how to find our life mission? In today’s session I share my stories and my point of view about this topic. What are the keys to find your talents and Life Missions? How is this connected to the Inner Family and Holistic Abundance? Check it out! Continue reading

Tacking the blog – Interview with Michael Ditton – Dreams, Goals and Adventure


Private photo by M.Ditton

Welcome back to my blog. I will introduce you to my new blog set up as well to my very first interviewee, Michael Ditton – an author, self development coach, speaker, sailor, businessman and so much more who lives his dream. Continue reading

How long are you going to postpone your dream life?

Desktop20Do you have moments, where you tell yourself, ah, I will do that tomorrow? Or later?

And then a day goes by, a week, a month, a year…. and you have longer and longer piles of ideas which will never be a reality! They will remain into a bubble state, unless you choose something different.

We are so good to find reasons why we are not able to do or choose something. I must say I feel like I am perfect on that sometimes! What about you?

kyllusmartI asked what is one of the reasons I hold myself back, because I am the only person who can keep me back. One of the answers I got, was that I am afraid of the failure. I have had so many small failures recently, that I did not want to create any more.

I wanted to really find out what it was, so I took a break here on the blog as well. I do not want to do anything I do not like to do, as I know this does not have the energy I would love to share.

But what is a failure? It is the conclusion our mind makes, according to what we define as a success. So if your results do not show what your mind was looking for, you conclude it is a failure. This is a judgment. Wherever we have a judgment, we can not receive – whether it is money or energy or ideas. So I have done loads of work with my judgments about myself this last week through different courses I facilitated myself and strated to create again! Got loads of generative ideas, choices and results!

universumMy challenge has been that I have had my own company for 6 years and have done loads of sales and marketing myself, spending many many hours daily by the computer. At some point I got so tired, I could not do anything online any more. I burned out. Totally. I did not delegate. Because wherever I did, it was another failure for me. I lost trust in people. In between I did not trust the Universe and did not let God be God. Then buttons like this would have done good for me!

One of the reasons why I joined Empower Network, was that I felt that they have many of the shortcuts and toolboxes which may go through things with ease and joy and glory. I would love to create more time for everything I feel I could contribute to people and the world.

So all you need is a choice! What is it you choose? To postpone things forever?


Henry Ford said: 

Whether you think you can or can not  – you are right!

Chris Record from Empower Network said you can not make excuses and money at the same time. Money is just an idea away. I agree.

Just two days ago I decided I choose something different. Stepping into my power I chose to create some events, one of these was a meeting with people in a spa, inspiring them to be in the water in a different way like mermaids for example. One of them had a fear of depth. I have developed a technique where people can go through the fear in a very short period of time. I helped this person to step through this within 15 minutes. The smile, the energy and joy she had, was so overwhelming, but so powerful, that it took my breath away! Time flew, 2 hours felt like 20 minutes. For me it is a sign that I am doing something which is part of my WHY here on Earth.

Also one very important thing for me is the place. The place where I live, work and play has to inspire me. If it does not, then I have to follow the energy and go to where it does.

One day I went to the cafe, and none of the plugs had electricity in it… So I left.

Today I followed the energy and went to the cafe where I felt inspired to work and got done loads of work within 2 hours, like in my office, being in a cafe surrounded by people, happy energy and support.

In conclusion, do whatever it takes to stop you to have your dream life now! Do whatever your guidance tells you! It never lies!

If you need some ideas how to do that and would love to choose a shortcut toolbox, let me know here!