Mahalo Mexico!

Entrance from the April 30th, 2013aablogmecancunterrib

2,5 months ago I escaped to Mexico. On the right hand side you see on the picture how I looked the first day when I got here. I looked pretty bad. Exhausted of fights, being in fear and not being able to create and live my dream life because of many limitations I had stupidly chosen and created in my life. I had got myself so stuck that there was no way out. I thought so.

Luckily with the help of friends I got to fly to Cancun. It took me 3 weeks to get my health back on track (coughing and lungs and high fever) and to pull myself together again took almost a month. My core turnover and breakthrough happened thanks to Greta Campagnolo from Canada, my sponsor in Empower Network, who totally believes in me and is a total kick ass woman, who kicked me so far that I managed to get donations around 1000 usd to get myself to Chicago and experience other 5000 people with me there.

picasa crystalnewmexicoOn this picture on your left, I am all balanced and happy, 2,5 months later, because of the right locations and right people and business choices I did. It is very important to listen to the inner guidance! That is one of my keys to the success!

In Mexico I worked a lot online. Every day I worked online and to heal my body, went to the local beach, in the very end I had some trips to Tulum Mayan ruins and also to Akumal turtle bay. It was an amazing experience to finalize my stay.

What do I love about Mexico?

The first time I was in Mexico was last year in Puerto Vallarta, where I stayed with my friends on their sailing boat, after that with a local family in Sayulita. It was a time full of adventures and challenges, but I really loved it. This time I got many new business ideas and also some of them are already giving fruits and if I keep it like that, will create my new sustainable future step by step.

aablogsolI love Mexican people. They are humble and creative and innovative, they do not complain, even if they do not have money or luxurious place to live. The whole village here is full of small enterprises and they all must function, as they are all opened all the time! I love the way they focus on their food and how many variations they have. I love how they take care of their family. I love the kindness they have. I love that they are dedicated whether it is a family or bills to pay or business to do. I love that there are good public transports to every possible place here.

Anni Sennov has said that Mexico is the golden and crystal energy platform for new time energy. I truly believe so. I felt so good here, much better than in London or Estonia. I love the laid back fishing village life and that everything is simple. For a climate refugee a perfect spot.

aablogsayulitaThe costs are 10 times or more cheaper than in London and maybe 2-3 times cheaper than in Estonia. To have the sun and an opportunity to go to swim in the Caribbean every single day is a jackpot itself! I lived with a Mexican family and it was nice and quiet place. The family was very helpful and always there if I needed something. How lucky am I? My dear friend Veronika Osawe invited me to this family as she stayed with them for some time herself. There is so much abundance here, especially in the nature.

I do not think they use it all very sustainably (like the solar power etc). There is a bit of lack consciousness and seems that when people get things going, they stey pretty much in the same known area. But I love the business mindness what they have here, everyone is doing something, whether it is playing music on the beach, selling snacks or just driving around with a little food counter in the village or renting rooms. I have learned so much to open my eyes in a different way to see possibilities!

aamexicolifeI did not manage to travel so much this time here for several reasons, but I got back to my own platform, to my own power and started to believe in myself and got my health back on track. Partly the help was Mexico itself, its sun and the ocean and partly it was the Empower Network Chicago event, where I got myself back again. Plus all the amazing people who have supported me here, or online. Will be back soon! If you are lost as well and do not know where to go and how or who you are or are just confused, let me know, maybe I can ask you some questions, and by sharing my story, you could get inspired and live the life of your dreams as well. That would make me so happy! More than anything! To see others to succeed!


Talking to the stranger

I sat down at the airport and there I saw a young man holding a hand on a woman and telling her things. The connection, energy was very sweet, powerful and close. When he left I asked her if that was her son, and she said no, it was her son’s friend who was so kind and drove her all the way to the airport (3 hrs drive one way). It was like 02.30 am. I asked more about her and she shared that she is just about to divorce and going to see her family in New Mexico and stay there to calm down for some weeks. Then she asked me where I am at and up to. I told her that I have been in a very challenging place and now taking my steps to get back into my own power and had an amazing weekend in Chicago with loads of people and world leader’s. She listened carefully.

Talking to each other, our eyes got wet, there was a connection, energy. Total strangers, who had just talked out of the blue like 10 minutes. We talked about our dreams, our challenges and our dreams and needs. How amazing is that?

I personally feel that the energy and connection I have to myself is totally different after this weekend. Something totally shifted in me and the depth and presence which has come from it is mindblowing. I feel that I am finally deepdiving on land. I will give this woman my card, and if she chooses to, maybe I am so lucky to see her at some later point in my life and share more who knows?

Never underestimate a talk to the stranger! As you never know what may come out of it. Maybe even a new friendship or new miracles! I do not even know the name of the woman, but she touched me with her being and presence. I am so grateful for her openness sharing something so vulnerable as the divorce can be. I feel gifted, by the touch of her being tonight. The presence. I believe in her. I told her so. I told her that she is an amazing person. Her eyes got wet again. Sometimes a kind word or two  is all what can make your day or night. She made mine. Thank you stranger!