It is all about reframing it!

During the weekend Empower Network Event, Chris Record, who is the leader of the team Take Massive Action shared his ideas how re-framing helps to go through challenges and problems.

I agree. This morning I started to come back from Rosemont to Grayslake, and found out that I just had missed the train and the next one was about to come in 3 hours time. I walked to the first hotel lobby, sat down and wrote some blog posts, as they did not have free internet there. I had really fun, being surrounded by all the people leaving after the event and writing at the same time. I re-framed it!I got to my next train station in Praire Crossing and came out that all the trains, which pass within the next 3 hours do not stop in the next particulat stop where I had to go. So what else to do? I walked into the nearest Photoshop and asked directions.Ask and you shall receive! She would have given me a lift, but was a bit busy.

The owner was really nice and even printed me the map. There were also no taxis either. The walk took around 1 hour 45 minutes. The weather was good, sunny, and even though here in U.S.A there are no pavements for pedestrians, I made my way back. When people see someone walking by the road here, my  local friend said that the police may come and ask what is the problem, as everyone here are driving the cars.

But i enjoyed my walk after almost sitting 8 – 10 hours a day during the event. There was no sign to the train station either, so I luckily met 1 person on the street and could ask where to turn.

I got back to my location safe and felt gratitude for the adventure and that I re-framed the experience. The old me would have started to selfpity myself and feel bad, I felt good for having had the adventure and a walk, even though timewise it took me as much time to get from another part of Chicago to here almost the same time as from Mexico to Chicago. But if one of your assets is time, it is no problem. It is all about re-framing! Who knows maybe all my challenges can help someone in the future as I share that as my story!

Check the video of reframing here