Surfing through life and astrology waves – Interview with Katrin Haiba


Photo: Katrin Haiba

Interview with Katrin Haiba (NYC, Mexico, Estonia)

4th of February, La Cruz, Mexico

A story about surfing, sailing and Cosmic Wave Astrology.

Questions and stories recorded/written by Crystal Ra Laksmi.

Additional editing by Katrin Haiba.

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StretchDanced myself and others into new Universes within a month!

In the end of July of 201SDfocaltext3 when I had gone to the ocean almost a month every day of the month as the ocean was also so warm (35 C), the ocean started to converse with me and I got a message to start a StretchDance in the Sea class. My mind of course came out with thousands of reasons why I can not. So one by one I walked it through and got a flier or two together, posted it to most places around the area and told everyone I knew.

Everyone who came, knew me personally. So not much to do with social media here if you are not really known it seems. So you have to be the invitation to people organically.

Lila was the first one to show up on the first class. She kept showing up as lots of interesting stuff kept happening to her one time after the other after the sessions in the ocean. So cool I thought.

There were classes where the only person showing up was ME. It did not make me feel bad, as it would have been back home. Now I took it as a chance to just play with me, discover new moves and just get more ‘flesh on the bones’ for the next class. That was a huge shift in the whole energy. 


mermaid pondMore people showed up one by one and I loved it more and more, including more and more elements from all the water years since 2009 when I started to have fun with people in the water. You see, I can not really call it as ‘work’ because it is too much fun. ‘Work’ usually means something you hate. I love it!!!

I travelled here 1 month before I started to do the StretchDance and I participated in the Organic Stretching TM Teacher’s training.  After some weeks, I started to do stretches in the warm ocean water. It was amazing as when I also used a mask and a snorkel I was free to turn around and do movements I would never been able to on land.

It must have looked really funny from the shore. Looking for someone who plays with her toes. But I did not care. It was my playtime and all I cared was the play and exploration.

picasadiveplainalohaI got  in to the most impossible positions – which may have looked like a baby who got herself into knots and did not know how to get out of it again. I also discovered the fun of stretching out (as most yoga styles do) and stretching inwards (what Organic StretchingTM focuses on a lot). My body became happier and happier as it could finally move the way it never could before. It was like a child let loose in the sand box and was going crazy, as there was so much sand and so many possibilities to make the cakes out of it!

So what do we do in the class?

First we say hello to the ocean and ask for the protection during the session and enter it. Sometimes we also talk to the molecules to be the contribution to heal the pollution in the world’s pollution.

We ask the inner ocean to embrace the outer. And we start to say hello to our bodies, minds and spirits through different moves, which I firstly guide, but then let everyone explore what and where is their body willing to go. I have no limits, so whatever idea comes, I will support it and explore it to the core, as does the group.

We sometimes do sounds and sometimes through the snorkel. It looks very funny having some adults in the water facing down and mumbling something into their snorkels.

I incorporated everything I have ever learned or picked up from somewhere about the water sessions, body work and mind work and energy healing. In the end we did some work on the joints in the group and also more relaxing stuff also as a couple working in the water.

We can contribute so much to each other this way. Every time some new fun movements were like crawling out of my body as some small creatures coming out to play. 

I also felt that finally I was just doing something of my very own and did not have to think of the fact of doing something wrong as the ‘modality’ says or the ‘teacher’ does. I could freely explore and all of it was a value for me and others. How cool?

It felt like I was the sponge which had sucked in all the knowledge over the years and lifetimes and was all flowing out of me now one drop at the time. 

Throughout this month I had more magic pulled into my life  one by one – the inner masculine provided me with every tiny detail to make my life and flow simple with my projects, bringing to me new people and new ideas, new possibilities, providing me with 2 beautiful homes to work from and supporting my focus on working on the different online stuff.

It was really amazing. My body felt happier and happier, more relaxed, I must have lost more weight  and my bikini shape is all back again! All with no effort! I have even built some muscle structure I did not have before! My skin looks nice and smooth like a dolphin skin. I hardly had a day being crumpy again. As soon as I got it I knew, it is time to go to the ocean and do my dance again.

So it is not all about how much you move or even how you move, but how smart you move and how much do you listen to your body and how present are you in your body! I love the ease in it as I got so tired of working out pushing myself to the limit and not enjoying it at all.

In the later classes we incorporated the mask and snorkel into the classes. With the mask you can do turns which you would not without and with the snorkel you can breath in some extra air, which will create more alkaline body inside out, which means you relax more. When you relax more, you can receive more. The moves and stretches can go very deep when you do not have to worry about the water getting into your nose or mouth.

This month I truly became a mermaid. After one of the classes I had this spooky experience. I walked out of the water and it literally felt like I moved from my mermaid tale to the legs. Like the moment my legs touched the ground, it felt like it turned into two legs. I truly believe into the ‘swimming ape’ theory, that all of us actually are water creatures. We have just forgotten it. StretchDance in the Sea has awakened my inner mermaid and not only, also my inner and outer fairy tales!

This class explored also the newer ways to facilitate knowledge, where every person is their own guru, and the main facilitator is just the guide in the space, holding space. All the outer circumstances – like Mexico as a location, which should be the platform for the crystal and golden energy as well as the warm ocean water (usually around +35 C) and the sun and the warmth in general  as well quite gentle ocean conditions (protected bay in the Banderas bay) all contributed to the amazing dance outside and inside of us which could create some more magic.

Our bodies were finally turning into symphonies where the inner magic strings were played in harmony.

Every time the faces looked wider and happier after the class. I felt so good. So what I basically did – I just held space and created some guidelines what to do. Everyone got so many different ways to look at themselves or their lives anew and create it as they would like.

One of the times one of the participants had her dog getting a surgery back home while we were doing the class. Out of nowhere we had this amazing dog coming and playing with us and also being very protective, when we disappeared into our snorkels, he came to check on us. So we sent some healing energy to her dog having an operation.

After the class was finished, which took usually an hour, I felt deep peace, relaxation and total presence. My whole body was soft. There was 0 stress. My life was flowing again. Tensions were gone from my body and my vocabulary.

mermaidsstretchingLila Osborne, the first amazing participant in the class is a remarkable woman and her name is an important message, coming to my life for a year now. (Check out her blog by clicking on her name).

First of February in 2012 me and Katrin Haiba (another amazing Estonian lady, who lives in NYC) – we had a nice sea goddess ritual in the very same ocean spot where I have classes now.

We were living on Katrin’s boat for some time – called LILA, which in sanskrit means ‘Within non-dualism, Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman).’

Lila, the boat, was previously owned by Pat Henry – a brave woman who circumnavigated the world alone with the very same boat and whom I got to know through her book ‘By the Grace of the Sea’ and her ‘Organic Stretching’TM classes and through Katrin’s connections. Almost 1,5 years later I came to participate in the Organic Stretching TM Teacher’s Training and start my new playful journey to the Mother Ocean and myself.

I have been wanting to create my own modality and have had loads of ideas, but this has been really beyond my imagination – the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute indeed. The modality which is a system without a system where everyone is on their way HOME to themselves if they have lost the way.

This I feel is just the beginning. I am so grateful to Katrin Haiba for inviting me here last year. I travelled from Hawaii and was not really willing to receive this location so well ( I missed Hawaii,BI a lot). Now I travelled from Estonia and it was a complete opposite. I was ready to receive everything. And I have and more to come! I am also super grateful for all the mermaids who came to the classes and everyone who helped me walk on land like an angel supporting and providing some magic every step of the way! Mahalo and Gracias!

The dolphins in the bay from  a sailing trip here with Marie and Leonard on Mi Casa boat. 

Lilas video testimonial after a month’s StretchDance in the Ocean on the 2nd of September  2013.

Peta, another participant shares her experience after one of the classes on video. 

Let me know if you have had some wonderful experiences in the water and if you would love to join the StretchDance classes in the Ocean or even better, invite me to your community  to invite you to the playshop of these discoveries! Go to my contact me page to initiate contact and leave your wonderful comments and stories down below! We mermaids love to play, whether it is fishes in the sea or words on paper!