Hawaiian Healing Technique Ho’oponopono is your magic key to your Freedom!

loveuplumeriasToday, I will write about one Hawaiian healing technique which is very ancient and has helped millions of people in the world, including me.

These times we are now facing – full of turmoil, chaos, violence and so much drama in the world would benefit greatly from this amazing  Hawaiian technique!

I share first one article which I found online, written by Joe Vitale and share his vision and experience with the Hawaiian forgivness  technique.

You can click on this video and let it play while you read this article.


Joe Vitale

Two years ago I heard about the therapist, who healed a whole department full of patients,  who had the criminal background, as well as the psychic disorders. What was fascinating, was that the therapist managed to heal them even without meeting the patients.

Psychologist, who did some research on the patient’s files, looked inside of himself, to find the reason, how he had created that particular disease.

When I heard about this first time, I thought this must be some kind of a city legend. How could someone heal someone else, by healing yourself? How would anyone, even the best self help master manage to heal a psychopath with a criminal background? 

This was completely non understandable and not logical, so I just left the story. One year later, the story came back to me. I heard that the therapist had used the Hawaiian healing method, called ho’oponopono. I had never heard of it, but I could not leave the story this time. If there was any truth in it, I had to get to know about it.

I understood about the ‘full responsibility’ situation, where I am responsible for what I am thinking and doing. Everything outside of me, is not up to me. I think most people see ‘responsibility like that’. We are responsible for our actions, not for someone else – but seems that is not the case!

Hawaiian therapist, who healed these people, taught me about the full responsibility from another perspective. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. 

Our first phone conversation took almost an hour. I wanted him to tell me the whole story of  him working as a therapist. He explained that he had worked 4 years in the local state hospital. The department, where the psychopaths with the criminal background were held, was dangerous.

Usual story with this was the following. Psychologists left their positions just one month after they started working there. Many of the employees were on sick leave most of the time or just left work. Most people walked in the department leaning against the wall, being afraid of the patient’s attacks. This was not a very pleasant place – whether to live, visit or work.

Dr. Len told me, that he did not meet any of the patients. He just read their files in his office. While reading, he worked on himself and the patients started to heal. Couple of months later, the patients who had to be tied up before, could walk freely. Others who had to take loads of medicines did not have to do that any more. The others who seemed to be impossible, could be signed out. I was astonished.

This was not all.The changes influenced everything else as well. The employees wanted to come to work. Constant change of employees and quitting stopped. In the end they had more employees than patients, as the number of patients decreased and all the employees started to work again. For now this department is closed.

Then I had to ask a million dollar question:

‘So what did you do inside of you, what caused the change in these people?’ He answered: ‘I just healed this part of me, which they had created,’ he said.

I could not understand. Dr. Len explained, that in order to take full responsibility, it means you have to be responsible for everything what you have in life, as it is there – it is your responsibility. 

So to say – the whole world is your creation.

This was too much to swallow. To take responsibility for your own words and actions is one thing, but to take responsibility of all the actions and words what is in my life, is another thing.

Though it is true that if you take full responsibility for your life, then all what you see, taste, touch or experience whatever way, is your responsibility, as it is in your life. These would not exist, if these would not be part of the projected outer world. The problem is not in them, but you. In order to change them, you have to change you. 

I understand that this is difficult to accept, and to live accordingly. To accuse it is much easier. I understood while talking to Dr Len, that healing and his ho’oponopono healing method actually means loving yourself. 

Watch this little video here – what to do when your problem will not let go here: 

‘If you would love to change your life, you have to heal your life. If you would love to heal someone, even a criminal with psychic problems, you can do so by healing yourself.’

I asked Dr Len how he did heal himself. I wanted to know exactly what he did, when he looked into patient’s files. I just repeated: ‘ I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you’, he explained. I could not believe that was all. ‘That was all,’ he said.

Seems that self loving is the best way to develop yourself and if you do that, you can also change the world around you. 

I will bring an example how that works. Someone sent me an email, which made me upset. Earlier I would have dealt with it by working on my energy centers and trying to be reasonable to that person who sent this email.

This time I decided to use Dr Len’s method. I started to repeat: ‘ I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and thank you,’ not addressing it to anyone particular.

I just tried to activate some love, to heal something inside of me, which had created this situation. One hour later I got the response from that same person. He apologised for the last email. Remember: I did not do anything outside of me, for him to apologise in front of me. I even did not answer to his email.

Just simply saying ‘ I love you’ I had healed something in me, which was created by that person. Later  I participated in a seminar by Dr Len about the  ho’oponopono. Right now he is 70 years old and he is respected as a shaman grandfather and he has pulled back from active life. He loved my book  (‘The Attractor Factor’).

He said that when I develop myself, the vibration of my books will rise and everyone can feel it when they read it. Shortly: if I do that, it will happen to my readers as well. I asked him how is it with the books which are out there already.

He said: ‘These are not out there somewhere,’ once again astonishing me with his deep presence. ‘These are still inside of you.’

To conclude. The outer world does not exist. It would take a whole book to explain this technique in full detail, as it deserves. So for now it should be enough to say, that in case you would love to change something in your life, there is only one place where you can turn it: it is inside of you. If you do that, do that with love!

Divine Creator!

Father, Mother and Child as One…

If I and my family, my relatives, my ancestors have insulted you –

your family, your relatives or your ancestors in our thoughts, 

our our words or actions, 

from the beginning of the time till this moment –

we ask your forgiveness!

Let it dissolve, break free and cut away all the negative memory blockages, 

energies and vibrations and transform these into balanced light.

As it is said, it is done and cleared. 

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you!


Ho’oponopono – Morrnah’s Prayer

Morrnah SimeonaSpirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings,
thoughts of (__________fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, thoughts________).

Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin.

Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.

Come through all generations of time and eternity.

Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.

Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present. Filled with light and truth.

God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions.

Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to this, these feelings thoughts.


Please share with me if you have any similar stories and if you have experienced the Hawaiian healing technique?

Would you be interested to adventure to the birth land of Ho’oponopono with me this winter and practise it there and even meet some of the local kahunas (local healers)? Read more about it here!


IMGP3873Happy me in Hawaii, after taking a course in Hawaiian healing techniques with the local Kahuna Harry Jim