How far do we get if we try to be like others?

crystaltravelslighth2RREntrance from the end of April, 2013, Cancun, Mexico

I am now packing my stuff to leave Mexico and the last day was too busy even for a blog, but will do some extras to make it up!

Yesterday I got a thought of how much of my life I have wasted because I wanted to be like others or to fit in or to do like others were doing in order for me to be recognized and accepted. How far did it get me? Not very far, I got stuck every single time.

After the Chicago event I have been stepping into my own power more and more with every single breath I take. Sometimes it comes up quite abruptly like a little child, who tries to crawl and then to stand up and falls and hits herself. But I am much better already.

I thought back of so many relationships where  I have lost myself exactly because I wanted to be liked or appreciated or accepted! And when  I lost myself, I felt contracted, small and several times almost got killed. All that urge was rooted in the uncertainty of myself being me.

What if noone will be with me if I am truly me?

That was my everyday question.

In Chicago I chose a personal commitment to totally stand in my power and step into it beyond my wildest dreams. Every day it has brought me more challenges, but I am learning more and more how to balance my life on all fronts. It has not been easy, but I am better with every step and enjoying my empowerment more and more!

One of the core keys I have discovered within the last days is to be me and let others be who they are.

Simple as that. But what happens most of the time is that we would like that others would think or act the same way as we do or that we change ourselves so that they would like us more. I have discovered that when people do not like me it is their choice and I do not fight with it any more. I let them be and go, and focus on people who empower me because with them I can be fully me and be accepted exactly as I am. It empowers me and makes me grow and expand without any limits!

What about you? How much energy and attention do you put into wanting the others to like you? In the core bottom it is all connected to the fear of judgment. If you take that away, let your barriers down, what would happen next? I do not know, try it out and let me know!