Weekly keys – 29.12 – 05.01The old waters of 2014 and the new abundance of the 2015

getting outThis week’s keys are actually looking back into the year of 2014 and also looking ahead into the year of 2015 from the New Time Numeorology point of view. This mostly applies for the people who have done Auratransformation, but may apply also for the others as we are all integrating new time energies into our bodies in different ways.


This year has been very challenging for many people. Why is that? Because the planet and energies are all shifting very fast towards the new time – where the feminine will lead and guide everything. The time of the macho patriarchs is over. The first step into that new path would be that the masculine has to learn how to heal itself and then the feminine inside himself and then outside of himself. The whole shift is all about healing the inner feminine through the conscious masculine.

New Time Numeorology (NTN)

This past months I have developing something I call New Time Numerology (NTN). I have played with it and checked my friend’s numbers and it works. So what I did – I took their birth number and then took the year number and compared these separately as well together. The results were amazing. It gave insights about what had been and what is about to come. I looked into the dimensions according to the new time energies as well the numbers. I will now give a little overview of this last year and my predictions of the new 2015 according to this system and then give a little example of my own new time numerology on my last year and give some hints for the new year.

The reading of this systems has come with years of work with clients as well observing my own life and how the elements work, where I am on the dimensional level and what tendencies the energies have. In the new energy, it is very hard to predict the details, but we still can see some general tendencies and that is what I will point out here. The details will be handed over to each individual by their spirit. So the new time language to learn is the energy language and how to follow our spirit.

Reading the energies and following the spirit

The new times are challenging and can be harder than ever, but the key lies in reading the energies and following the spirit. During the last weeks I have done that most of the times and the results have been so amazing. The spirit has told me in many times how to wait for something and then when to say or do something and how to do it. Every time I have followed it, amazing things happen.

Yearly numbers

Number seven

So the year 2014 = 3+4 = 7

Seven is the number of earth in the new energy system. It is the masculine. It is the first circle of integrating the spirit into our bodies. After the Auratransformation this number is the one which is often pushing us face to face with the wounded feminine and pushes our masculine into more consciousness whether it wants it or not. It also teaches us about new time systems and forms and how these function. Everything creates itself differently and one of the core elements will be actually the dance of the masculine and the feminine. If you as a person do not have a partner yet, you have to work with your inner masculine and feminine. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, all of us have both sides in us.

So this year was also all about shifting the body, as the body is the form, the earth. So many of you may be noticed that your eating habits changed into more healthy ones or that your body did not want to eat the same way and as often as usually. Also the need for regular movement may come up more frequent as the body needs to release the stress and keep everything moving.

Sexuality changes

This year was also about shifting the sexual energies and intimacy as such. The relationship concepts which are not working were falling apart and taken away. When these things were happening, it felt weird and sad, but later it was obvious that it was the best. It was interesting as the old masculine wanted to keep things under control as it always used to be. These controlling people are struggling now as the time goes by as nothing can be controlled by the power and ego very soon. Everything will be guided by the spirit and the people who are listening to the spirit, following it, will be the new leaders.


This year was also about clearing and cleaning all what you are not. Many of you may have had experiences where you were put into situations or with people and places where you had difficulties and felt how hard it was as it was not who you truly are.

Your seed

It was like cleaning you as a seed, so all that what was not you, could be cleared away. Now as your own seed is clear and clean, you can find a new soil or soils where to grow your new roots. Where and when is quite important now as this will create the conditions and circumstance for the year 2015 and give results and blossoms and fruits accordingly.

IMG_9820Home assignment for this week!

So that is why this year’s shift is very important! Burn away the old, give away old stuff you do not need any more and clear your space if possible before the year number turns as well ask forgiveness from the people you should, so you can start a new year with a new reset.

If your soil is not well picked, your results next year will suffer tremendously. It is kind of like being a farmer, you need to know and look a bit ahead, read the weather so to speak in order to predict what would be the best place for you to be.

Number 8 year – 2015

In order to make this shift we now move to the year 2015, which is the number 8 year.

1sayulitaviewAir element

This is the air element and usually may also mean that many old systems collapse, will explode or dissipate into the air by force if we do not want the old go or will be taken away by the outside forces. All the lessons which are not learned, will be now put on the plate and served. We can not run away from them any more and have to face these and deal with them now, not later.

The seeds from the wind

Air element in its nature is very feminine. It is invisible and unpredictable like the wind. It will carry the seeds and now is the time to catch the seeds which come to your plate or behind your door and act NOW not later, the seeds are from the masculine, the preface to the taking of the form. If you act later, your train will be gone and someone else makes it happen.


Air element and the whole year is the huge preparation for most people to step more into their mission and power, as next year will be number 9 as firstly finishing the old circles and all about starting your life mission in full power. So if you hate your job, then this year is the right time to look into that and see what you can do to make the changes toward your dream career.

In the new energy it all changes into multidimensional levels. So you need to see for the opportunities to have your eggs in different baskets and only one income stream may not create a sustainable income for your future (unless this one has millions). This is the time to think about it and take choices which create that.

2015 – the abundance year key

The secret key to your abundance year? It is very simple in these new times – follow your spirit, your heart and act from courage and love instead of fear. If you act from courage and love, the dark energies can not do anything to harm you or get you off the center. It is almost fun to see how they try and how they fail more and more. With that energy everything comes possible and you start to create ease and flow the way you have even never imagined.

Extra abundance keys

Now the extra key for that abundance is to find people, places and environments, where the true aloha abundance circulates. Where people live from the heart, from the knowing there is enough for everyone and everything. Where respect resides. Where consciousness guides and leads. Where balance is the core key in creation. When more people like that get together and start to create, they start to create as it was during the Golden times in Atlantis and Lemuria times. Now this time we have to be really careful to make it. The key in this lies in the conscious men and women, who learn to dance and co-create with each other, also as a conscious community.

Personal example of the New Time Numerology

My birthday is number is 8

So this year 2014 was for me number 6 as my number 8 (my birth number) + 7 (2014) = 15 = 1+5 = 6

alohaswimlacruzAll about the water, flow the feminine, trust and working on my emotions. As I have been wounded so many times in this lifetime, not to talk about the past lifetimes, the emotions needed to create situations and places to get to the core of the non-functioning parts. This got so bad several times that put my life at risk.

If the person has a little bit bigger life mission than the ordinary, this is something the spirit is doing, as it needs to clear all the weed out from the system. Some of the crap is so deep that the only way to get it out is to create an explosion or a situation so bad, that it will explode. Which was my case. I had 3 of those major explosions, both co-created with men out of balance in the most craziest ways. All the times Mexico has been my healing ground, as Mexico has a lot of crystal energy. All the times the ocean and the dolphins and whales have been the major healing artists for me.

Number 7 – the year of systems and order

The year of systems and order was also true. I worked part of the year as the administrative assistant and had to organize my life and work in a completely different way.

Emotional cleansing

All in all the number 6 is the water and putting pressure to work with fears and trust. This was the major issue. Now my trust towards life has grown and the experiences have grown my courage, so that I am starting to play with life and stepping out of fear of failure as there is no failure, there only experiences.

The whole year was cleansing the deepest levels of my emotions. Partly reaching out to the core issues from the childhood. Water in my chart also represents alcohol. I had several very challenging clients who had alcohol problems and that recalled my memories of my childhood and my parents drinking. The key was to get out to the surface all of the abuse patterns deeply hidden in the lower levels. I am grateful to everything and everyone who contributed for that.

Problems with the year of water

In the year of water, if the person does not have one particular male partner, it is very hard for the woman to manifest into form and also money wise, as the inner masculine support is not enough any more. So this next year, should according to the numbers and elements bring me at least one primary partner as well help the seeds materialize in a form – even a new base or a home, as well new job opportunities, maybe even help to publish some of my manuscripts which have been sitting in my drawer for years? It should be the perfect year to create the abundance on all levels and with all the elements as it is the last two numbers of the first circle.

The core key

So as the masculine and feminine will dance this year in my chart, it will be all about becoming more conscious. The core key for me and for many other people is how to choose yourself first, put yourself first without guilt and choose what makes you feel uplifted, elevated, expansive and alive at all times? When we manage that, we may make magic happen beyond anything we have experienced before during our lifetimes.

Dangers of the New Year 2015

Dangers with big money

There is a danger also that when the big money comes in next year for many people that people may spend it very quickly not really thinking wisely. Now it is the time and year to really look into the sustainable way to make your investments work for you and create more freedom and abundance on all levels. Be opened and listen to the spirit’s guidance and act accordingly. Do not just waste the money for simple pleasures. Make it work for you, be responsible and use it consciously! When you do that, money starts to work for you. Money in its essence is the earth element. You need to act with him as with a man and direct him.

Explosions of the old

As I said earlier – all the old stuff in your life, whether it is clothes, people, money or places or stuff, may be reset and recreated if you are not doing it yourself. If you have lived all your life in the same house, this year is a good year to make a remodeling to the entire house and put new intentions into the house. Before doing that – do a house clearing. If you need help with that, I also offer that service over skype as a distant house clearing. If you do not let the old go, situations will most probably create itself, where it happens. So it is wise to do it yourself, than create a mess with it.

Good karma

As the spirit speeds up everything, I have noticed it speeds up the good karma coming your way and as it is the year of 8, which is the air, then it is also the year of spirit. If you have given gifts, time or been a volunteer or just let some stuff go, then this is the year, where many good surprises can find their way to you in the most miraculous ways from the abundance banks of the universe. It is a payback time!

Spirit mate

The new time energy is pushing us all to unite with our spirit mate. There are many ways to that, but one of the ways is to do an Auratransformation. I offer that service, but only in person.

After the Auratransformation your whole system and body and mind and spirit will be prepared for the new relation energy with your spirit mate. Before that can happen you often meet many consciousness partners, who prepare you for the ultimate meeting. In my experience the spirit mate can be from both genders. The mission for them both is to get together and create balance as well projects and let their life missions intertwine so they can co-create together beyond belief. To find your spirit mate one needs to really follow the spirit to where it guides us.

Messages from the spirit

Energy reading becomes more essential. If one door closes you need to read the signs where the next one is opening and you need to learn to follow it with trust.

Thank you all for supporting me and reading my blogs. I wish you all a very lovely New Years Eve and the New Abundant 2015!


1crystalsailnickI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I have been called a K.A woman (kick ass woman) as well a T woman (turbo) woman. I can be intense, but I am certainly activating something in myself and others wherever I am. Now I am resetting my life here in Mexico once again and this time taking steps and making choices which would create me a new sustainable life and the way my spirit would love to co-create with me, not the old way where I just followed my ego’s way. Adventure is one of the core keys for me to create whatever I am doing. It is the food for my spirit, my body and my being.

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