Weekly Keys – 9th till the 16th of February. Let this week be the DATE week with yourself!

5kayakThis week the keys are focusing on how not to make compromises with yourself; a reminder of the boundary settings; control in the new time energies; how to build the bridge between the heart and the head. It will finalize with a little glimpse to my heritage background. Make no compromises with yourself!

As this coming week is the week of Valentine’s day, I would like to remind all of you to make time to have dates with yourself. What if this year, you are your own Valentine?

Today I kayaked after having a break for 2 weeks from it. Kayaking for me is the ‘me’ time where I unwind and process my week as well enjoy the nature and all the beauty I see around me. I also enjoy the movement. While on the water I felt how I missed my ‘date with myself’ and thought back to these 2 weeks and asked myself, how did I not make it to my schedule for the whole 2 weeks? Because I made compromises with myself and my ‘me time’. The result was a very emotional, partly off balance me who had lost the smile from my face. The date with myself on the water helped to fix that within 30 minutes! What an amazing gift to myself?

I just got an email from a good friend who stressed on the fact, that first you have to work and then have fun. For me it is the contrary, when I have fun, and have filled my batteries, I can give so much more to my work, whatever that is. That is the new time way to do it. So try it out if you have not yet! (That is your home assignment for the week!).

I enjoyed the 5kayakdiamondsair, the sun, the water. I started to stare into the diamonds of the water and paddle towards the fields of diamonds. It was a funny feeling – it felt like underneath the water, there were thousands of diamonds and they were all sparkling outside on the water surface like smiling at me and whispering me their messages. When I turned to the other direction, it almost felt that the diamonds were following me.

For me the diamonds in the water represent the crystal inside of us, which gets ignited by the sun light – everything what makes us shiny and happy. This creates a chain reaction where many other parts of us can start to fully shine in its glory and through that bring us what we need with ease.

4surfcactusOnce more about boundary setting!

Some blog posts ago had a whole topic about the boundary setting. This last week was a good lesson to me, that just thinking of setting them, does not help. We really need to put things into action and really mean the boundary we set down.

Most of all what is  a boundary setting?

It is a way to take care of ourselves, to be kind to ourselves as well show respect to us. If we do not do that, the other party thinks it is okay for us to be over riden or ‘misused’ or taken advantage of. The universe will give us more opportunities to become strong in our choices and boundary settings, as without this we can not build a healthy ‘me’ energy and feed the healthy ‘we’ energy.

In boundary setting it is also important to remember how crucial is clear and open communication. If you are not sure that the other person got you and understood you correctly, you have to ask questions or clarify things according to the needs. It is not only that men and women may understand and mediate things differently, but it is also that we have different cultural backgrounds, ways to say things or ways to interpret things and it is important to check if we are on the same page and have the same understandings. Otherwise we may get some problematic thoughts into our mind which may take days in circulation and even stop us to focus on what matters and is crucial to focus on.

2wantraPEoceanviewControl in the new time energies

New time energies are sometimes creating real chaos, where nothing will be controlled by you any more. This may create frustration, confusion and fear in many. The key here is to really learn how to surf on these waves of the unknown.

Here the key to follow the energies will be a great tool. As time goes by, the new time energy will take good care of us to really teach us to learn these skills. People who get that, start to surf the wave and do it with fun, flow and ease. For them the universe starts to work and co-create in the direction they want to go.

One easy way to do that is actually to try the Wantra water session, where you will be taken into the unknown world of the water and gives you a chance to let go and trust the journey.

0underkataThe bridge between the heart and the head

Each one of us has to find their bridge between their head and the heart. As we are all collectively moved into the time of ‘heart centered’ creation, the bridge is necessary. Each person needs to find the tools, modalities and possibilities to make this leap or step or steps to the other side. The perfect set would be that both the heart and the mind have learned to co-dance even if in the beginning they need tools, crutches or other tools to make it happen, with enough time and training, there will be a time, when the bridge is not needed as the mind will move into the heart. It feels like your heart is the captain of your spirit boat and your mind is helping with whatever needs to be done without any resistance.  This way you are much more grounded in your creation process and it is very easy to co-create with the masculine as well feminine. The heart is the representative to the feminine and the mind, the head is the representative to the masculine.

Use the tools and inspiration from this blog and share it on your FB timeline or email the link to your friends and family! Thank you!

4surfMy name is Crystal Ra Laksmi and I was born in a tiny country called Estonia. I have lived in West Mexico by now for 1,5 years and travelled to more than 26 countries at the age of 38.

There are many times where I am very proud of my heritage and share proudly our history and how we had a singing revolution to get our new independence or how Estonians were part of developing skype for example.

Then there are times when I hear about some dramatic news from Estonia as well the coldness and craziness the winters bring along and I am not so keen to even go back.

4surfbeachAfter spending my last 5 winters in the tropics I do not know any more what it means to welcome Christmas in the snow, what it means to wear shoes, or socks or coats or scarfs. I may not only be a snowbird, I may be a bird who loves to live in the tropics. Who loves to wake up to the warm weather, sunshine and jump into the ocean to reconnect myself back to myself through the natures miracles. I am not lucky. I have chosen it.

I have learned to redefine abundance in my life. I have the world’s greatest friends and community around me as well the beautiful tropical nature as well beautiful new family and opportunities and abundance in all forms, not only money. I feel richer than ever before even though I have physically less I have had for a long time. So abundance and prosperity depends on from which corner you look at it.

What counts most of all is that I am very happy in all of it, finally figuring out how life works, how I co-create it and taking responsibility of the choices I make starting with my thoughts, then followed by the words and results. The universal laws do not only work, but help me to ENJOY THE PRESENT!


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