Weekly Keys – 8th of June till 15th of June – Mexico Reset

mexicoThis week’s keys talk about my reset in Mexico for the last 2 years. In order for me to reset, I had to unplug to get plugged in again. It has been a challenging, but exciting journey. Without my courage and ability to listen to my intuition, I would have not had that and most probably not been on this planet any more. Mexi-Go, was a kick ass go for me. We will see where it gets me next. 

My two years in Mexico

It is time to detach with love and move on again. If someone would have come to me some years ago and told me that I will spend 2 years in Mexico, I would have just laughed. Mexico was not in my radar. For me it was not even that I was scared, as I have travelled to places like South Africa, which I consider even more dangerous than Mexico, but it happened so that I visited my friend Katrin on her sailboat in 2012 and the connections brought me back one year later.

katrinminamehhikoFirst time I really stayed here kind of like a tourist on holiday and resetting my life as well. All together I spent 3 months in the Banderas Bay area and lived in La Cruz half of the time, and the other half in Sayulita jungle with a Mexican family during my first trip.

Second time I came with a mission to study Organic Stretching and bring it to Estonia and other countries. My spirit had another idea. It has been telling me for the last 2 years – stop promoting other people’s stuff and work on your own – the mission why you are here – Wantra. Finally I am listening and as I do some doors are slowly opening.

greenlight organic stretchingblissWhen I got here in 2013, I was completely burned out from my numerous travels, trying to find my place and balance, my base. I was pretty much broke, had no motivation to live. I came here with my fear and lack in my suitcase.

As Mexico is a country, which has a lot of golden and crystal energy, it multiplies everything you have times ten or more. So it happened to me. Challenge after challenge I faced my deepest fears, demons and darkness. I went to the deepest caves, which I did not even know were existing in me. As I was digging deeper, I think my spirit kind of got bored of it, and kicked me out and back again to La Cruz. This time I had many human angels surrounding me, letting me to lick my wounds and rebuild and reset my life since November 2014.

silks upToday I have even cried several times as even though there are many things here I do not like, there are so many I do not only like, but also love. Today I was thinking what a rich life I have created here! I kayaked several times a week on the Banderas Bay. I swam in the ocean as often as I could. I did areal silks classes at least twice a week. I helped out with the wave dance classes once a week when these were going during the season. Thanks to my base in Octopus’s Garden, I was able to put in use most of my skills and talents – from filming and editing to doing my water sessions as well organising events, promoting these as well taking care of social media as well organising movie nights or doing a space clearing. At the same time several friends asked my help to start their FB pages or projects and with other things. I had full moon fires on the beach, once a week Alanon meetings. I rented my own place on the top floor, with an inspiring view and breeze, which my dear friends invited me to.

kayakinglastbetterI continued to work on my online clients, building my monthly income, systems and structures from that. I continued to write my weekly blogs in English and Estonian. My life was full and rich. I lived simply, but I was often invited to adventure on a sailboat, friends car or other possibilities. I was never bored. I did not have as much money as I used to before, but my life was simple and easy. In all of that new reset, I also managed to fall in love and out of love and now learning to rise in love to myself first and put myself first no matter what.

VApalapabeachI am excited to move on and I know so much more now what works for me and what does not and what I need into my life and what I do not. I know what kind of people I love and choose and what kind of base I need. I am clear on my future targets and directions. I am not a victim any more and I am not just drifting in the wind like a boat, which has no direction and goes nowhere. I had to get unplugged to get plugged in again.

crystalwaterstarI have plugged into my new true mission and step now step by step listening to my heart and following my courage and my heart. I do not know exactly where it gets me, but I have put some seeds down also here in Mexico for the future plants and fruits, so that it can help me build my new global empire in order for me to share my gifts, talents and skills while creating the value and meaning and contributing to shift the frequency and energy of the planet Earth.

mexicanbusDespite all the hardships here in Mexico, I have fallen in love with its small crooks and corners, its simple way of life, smiles, as well the strangers who pass by and say ‘Buenos Dias’ even without knowing me or the dogs who sleep in the middle of the road and people and cars try to get their way around them. I have fallen in love into the ‘no logic’ culture, where things just flow their own way and you just have to learn to be patient and trust that one day things will go your way. If not, there is always a ‘manjana’. Mexico is a good place to reset, rethink your life. Living can be affordable, the climate is super nice from November till April (West coast) and food is pretty cheap too. So why not to make a one month reset here, or reevaluate your life? If you need a guide in the future, let me know.

VAbeachblackwhiteI promise I will remember the smell of the rain after 6 months dry season here.

I promise I will remember the taste of the salt on my skin after swimming in the ocean.

I promise I will remember the whales singing while I was snorkelling.

I promise I will remember that there is no reason to stress, as there is always tomorrow.

Thank you Mexico. I love you in your own way and for sure will return. I promise I will speak Spanish fluently by then.

 VA crystalblossomMy name is Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am a true vagabond, who has travelled the world for the past 15 years. I am exploring myself and the human nature and culture in order to figure out pathways for sustainable happiness and life on all levels. Mexico taught me a lot about simplicity in life and what really matters in life. Every culture has something to gift to us, if we are ready to receive. I am grateful for the experience and ready to turn the next page. Kissing the unknown and possibly making love to it as well!


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