Weekly Keys – 1st till 8th of June – Treasures in the silence

1lastsunrisesThis week’s blog is talking about the insights in the new time, how important are minutes of silence, what is a quantum resetting, why finding your own tribe is important, life mission in the golden energies, secret of abundance. If you find this reading inspiring, please share with your friends and circles. Sign up for my newsletter!

Insights in the new time

One morning I had a very simple and sweet insight. I went to bed so tired that I forgot to make my moringa drink, which I usually put into the fridge in the late evening, so I could drink it in the morning.

2 lastsunriseI woke up and walked to my fridge to take the drink. But it was not there, as I did not put it there last night. It made me smile and I got an insight. It can not be there, as I did not put it there.

Almost like with the seeds. If you do not put them into the soil, you will not have any plants sprouting soon. It does not help if you shout at the soil or pray for it to give you plants and blossoms as well fruits. You need to put the seed down first. The same in life. We should start with the seeds and then watering it. Then wait for the fruits.

1lastglossyMinutes of silence

I have been swimming in the ocean during the last weeks may times as well with the kayak. On my way there and back I have my silence minutes to listen to the messages of my silence. I have got many inspiring thoughts, especially in the ocean. Last time I swam in the ocean, I got quite many business ideas as well the whole idea about one product with all the tiny details.

When I am not creating this silence time and my program is all fully booked and full, then I do not create this space to receive this information and I will not get any results either. Silence minutes, even when I walk are a value itself, as this information can show me the real way out from my problems or give me a new business idea.


During the last week I have got physical quantum reset shots into my body from my friend who is working with Quantum Technology here. It has been a very interesting experience. It will take all of your body and your body cell memory back to 20 years ago and rewrites all the programs, which have been injured. In my brain I have a feeling that some parts are like stretching, because this kind of clarity and focus and understanding I have never had before. Now it truly feels I am becoming enlightened inside out in full speed. The moments of oneness wave through me more often.

I also understood that Auratransformation is very similar to this, but works as an energetic reset, even though it will also take the body with it, it is such a slower process (has been years for me) the physical resets took it to the core right away with the matter of minutes or days. All of this combination – me being transformed and reset created more flow to everyone around me and myself included as well.

Actually the resetting of the cells is one of the core keys, which I talk about more during my first event in Estonia, in Tallinn, this summer on the 8th of July, on the Jumpstart your Abundance event. I will create together with the participants the new Abundance magnet number 4.

1lastgirlsicecreamoutFinding your tribe

We are not only looking for the positive people into our life, but also people, who are our true tribe, who see our soul, spirit and being. Who get ignited by our being and who support us, who come through abysses and heavens with us. Who love us with our shadows or without it. We look for our tribe and our place where we could all blossom from the inside out, so we could really blossom for this reality with everything we have and can contribute with.

1lastlilakayakLife mission in golden energies

Maybe you have heard about indigo and crystal energies, but also golden energies. What is really cool with the golden energies is that I can not do anything else which is not getting me closer to my higher purpose and which I do not like to do.

When I think too small or limited, the spirit will give me ideas and possibilities how to think bigger and better. When things are not going as I am expecting it, it is important to welcome this, as this is the spirit’s way to prepare us for something better, even when we do not see it all clearly yet.

wantrainvitecardIn my own life I see that everything is pointing at me to put all my focus on Wantra. When none of the jobs I have applied for in the world bases has not given results, or even the course, which I wanted to take locally, there is something bigger happening behind the scenes. All I need to do is to surrender and keep pursuing my dream.

At the same time the Wantra course for the youth group manifested super easy already the second time. Right now I experience daily how I help people to transform their fear of water and through that change their reality. I just need to create a supportive structure to that as well.

In golden energies the spirit will guide us totally to our own path channel and guides us to take the direction of our ultimate mission. There is no chance for smaller or maybes. There is only the direct target and going straight. This is very concrete, feels almost like the spirit is kicking our ass and there is no other way to move forward. Fear and mind are the ones who have worked together for thousands of years, now we have to let this go. We have to tune in to our heart and courage instead and co-dance with them.

Secret of abundance

In the old energy we were taught – you have to choose one goal and move towards it. Choose one profession and you will make it. Choose something which will bring you money and you will not starve. In the new time things are very different.

Most probably it is advised to choose many mini goals, which would all be connected to the main goal. You have to find all your talents, skills which you have and which make your time fly, where you are so deeply into things, that the rest of the world disappears for you and you blossom while you do this. This is the new time’s profession.

Money as a goal should be forgotten. The whole focus needs to be put into living from the heart, from the courage and not from your head and from the lack. You have to pick your dream and then see how the universe will throw possible choice to your way and pick those. You need to live so, that every move creates meaning and value not only to ourselves, but for our loved ones and for this planet as well.

crystalmermaiddownOur mission is to become the human angels and blossom. We are not here to suffer, and push forward what we want. We are here to enjoy, to flow and progress. The angels cry every time when we choose something from the limitations or the belief that nothing better is possible. Our life is what we think it is.

If you do not know how to do this, it is good to find your tribe, or someone who could guide you a bit. For me it has been a surprising experience how my KIS online program has managed to create value and meaning to all participants and given them a chance to find their new direction and means to understand how to manage your life in this new time speedy mess and how to surf through it with consciousness.

abundance wheel copyI am working now on opening up my online program around the beginning of August in English this year and it is your possibility to start to work through your patterns and habits and behaviour, what is not serving you any more and you will make the new changes. The program will be very transforming. First through the structure of exploring your sexuality, your relationships, health, finding out your life mission as well how to create abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

You will also get a lot of transmission of crystal and golden energies through me as well the crystal reset through my resets and insights and the possibility to have your own, if you have a chance to travel to Mexico. You send in your home work every week and I send it back to you every week.I begin with 6 months course. You can come and check it out during my summer camp this year in Estonia from the 24th till 26th of July. Wantra is the essential part of this summer retreat. Find out more about it here.


Find at least three times a week time to listen to your silence. Observe what comes out of this and write it down.

Treasures on the shelf

eyeInteresting what I found when I opened a random book on the shelf:

‘ I am woman: I am going to cry less and laugh more. Practice telling the truth. Stop lying to myself. I know I am progressing, just because I do. I am working towards asking myself what I want. I am letting go of the physically and sexually abused little girl I used to be. I choose to eliminate all resistance to everything inside, I am learning to experience myself without judgment, absolute and unconditional. I do not have all the answers yet, but I am healing from the inside out. …’

Funny how universe is sometimes right spot on!

By Charmaine Mandell ‘Remember tomorrow: ‘A woman’s companion’ pg178, 179

crystalnegrasideI am Crystal Ra Laksmi, but I am not your well, I am my own well, where I get my water and wisdom as well abundance, and I am here to remind you that you are your own well, where you have all the answers and treasures for your dream life on this planet. You need to listen and follow and act through your heart and in cooperation with your mind! Good luck!

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