How bad Relationships can stop your Inner Family’s Holistic Abundance Manifestation?


Today I give a short overview of my own journey of 15 years with many bad relationships and what I have learned from my own patterns. Many tips and tools you can put to use to make a difference and also focus more on your Inner Family as most of these years I did not connect with my Inner Family 100%. Now it is changed because I cooperate with them every step of the way! Watch, share, subscribe and evaluate your relationships and eliminate the bad ones NOW! Continue reading

Questions and Answers Session with Crystal Ra


Today I share one story connected to the Abundance Wheel and Norway, South Africa and Estonia and how I prepared my path for doing and being more of what I love. There are some other good questions and you can get answers during this session or post these under the video in comments and I will answer these later! Thank you for watching and sharing and subscribing to my channels! Continue reading