What to do with goals in the New Time Energies?


Many of you may have noticed that you can not set goals the old way any more. Today I share with you my approach and some tips and tools how to work with it in the New Time energies. Watch, like, share! Continue reading

Overview of the Holistic Abundance Challenge

Here you can find a nice overview links to all the days during this challenge with added task sheets, additional resource links or PDFs and also FB live videos in You Tube format. Check it out and share with many!  Continue reading

How bad Relationships can stop your Inner Family’s Holistic Abundance Manifestation?


Today I give a short overview of my own journey of 15 years with many bad relationships and what I have learned from my own patterns. Many tips and tools you can put to use to make a difference and also focus more on your Inner Family as most of these years I did not connect with my Inner Family 100%. Now it is changed because I cooperate with them every step of the way! Watch, share, subscribe and evaluate your relationships and eliminate the bad ones NOW! Continue reading

Connections between Values, Inner Family and Holistic Abundance


Today we focus on Values and how is it connected to our Inner Family values as well our Holistic Abundance. I share once again some stories from my life and we go the foundation of understanding the core of the concept. You will get for sure much more clarity about what values are in general, what or who influences our values and what else is important to know when you work on this. Watch the video, share, subscribe! Continue reading

Do not ask for a miracle, become one yourself!

I decided yesterday that I am traveling to Chicago for the Empower Network event this weekend, as I am stepping UP and back into my power! Wohoo! I still do not have the whole amount of money, but I have made my choice and taken some action steps (like finding a place to stay and some part of the tickets),  so the rest can come and create the miracle from my inner core!

I am doing two things here. Firstly I jump and take the leap, trusting my heart’s call and secondly I risk, by kissing the unknown, not knowing exactly how to get all the pieces together yet. I stay in the question, and I am ready to recieve and allow the Universe in all its aspects to contribute to me, because I know I am totally finished with trying to make it all by my own. I am ready for the SHIFT TO HAPPEN! The contribution to flow in from people, possibilities, work, ideas etc.historycrystal

I understood that the miracle is not something outside of me, it can just be me by having a new choice!

I understood today also that in order to create a new future, I should go through and adjust my 4 V’s.

I call them 4 V’s as in my home language these words start with a letter ‘V’.

  1. Viewpoints (Vaatenurgad)
  2. Values (Väärtused)
  3. Needs (Vajadused)
  4. Shadows (Varjud)

I understood that these are the main building blocks which have been holding me back from my own power.

1.Viewpoints – a victim mentality, not good enough, I do not have this or that and because of that I have no CHOICE UNIVERSE etc. As we know what you think, you create! So what if not only me, but everyone would throw these out of the window, what would happen?

2. Values – I figured during these last weeks, that my core values are EMPOWERMENT AND INTEGRITY AND AUTHENTICY. So what would happen if I totally embrace these qualities? Would I attract similar people into my reality? Would they support me on my path?

3. Needs – the ability to talk about my needs and ask for what I need, especially if it is for help, like asking for money has been very challenging for me. What if I also change that? I just say out loud what I need? Being courageous for taking care of my needs and find the ways to do it!

4. Shadows. As this society has brought us up with the knowing that shadows (all the negative and hidden stuff) is bad, we act accordingly. I feel it is the time where the shadows come out and ask for more attention and integration. They are asking for the embracing touch and presence. In the world of polarity I am now learning how to dance with my shadows and not feel bad about it. I am still learning how to do it so that people would feel invited to come to the exploration with me, not to run away.

With the simplicity and complexity I truly am, the dance of polarities and elements, I am now fully stepping into my power to become the MAGIC I TRULY AM, because where there is a will, there is the way.  Would you like to become a miracle yourself, pls ask me how!


Entry from mid April 2013, Mexico, Cancun

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Crystal Ra Laksmi (36), originally from the birthland of Skype – Estonia – but a global citizen circling around the globe on her orbit to bring forth transformation and share her experience how everything is possible if you find your voice and start to use it and stand in your own power while creating your dream life![/author_info] [/author]