Weekly keys – 29.12 – 05.01The old waters of 2014 and the new abundance of the 2015

getting outThis week’s keys are actually looking back into the year of 2014 and also looking ahead into the year of 2015 from the New Time Numeorology point of view. This mostly applies for the people who have done Auratransformation, but may apply also for the others as we are all integrating new time energies into our bodies in different ways. Continue reading

In Paradise there are no gates

IMG_1401paradis… there are only pathways you choose.

Welcome to my new website! I truly believe that we live in Paradise on Earth. Each one of us has the Paradise inside of us, it has been waiting for the chance to share the fruits with the world in whatever form they come.

My wish for you would be that visiting my website would be like an adventure in the paradise, where you are empowered, in your own way and that this will become your platform to take off to the world’s paradise.

If you do not believe in yourself, I want you to know that even if I have not ever met you before, I believe in you! And if you feel that I could help you on that path to reflect back the magnificent you who you really are, let me know, and we can find some amazing magical tools from my toolbox as all the experiences, modalities I have gathered over the years, are here for you, for us to play and to use, to help you to help yourself to become the total balance in your mind, body and spirit!